Direct Fired

  • Suitable for gaseous waste with high volatiles
  • Suitable for Corrosive gasses, like chlorine, fluorine, H2S gas etc.
  • Waste gas is administered into chamber through flame arrestor and seal-pot to avoid flashback
  • Heat recovery is possible depending on flue gas characteristics


  • Suitable for gasses with low VOCs
  • Gasses are pre-heated in ceramic modules before oxidizing
  • Direction of flow is reversed using valves/dampers
  • Ceramic honeycomb modules used as media
  • High operating economics
  • 2 bed or 3 bed systems


  • Suitable for gasses within LEL bandwidth containing VOCs
  • Gasses are pre-heated in heat exchanger before oxidizing
  • Closed loop system
  • High heat recovery in form of hot-air, steam possible
  • Best suited for coating lines, paint booths etc.

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