Air Pollution Control Devices

The performance of incinerators is measured by the efficiency of air pollution control devices, we offer APCDs for achieving Indian as well as International stack emission norms.

  • Wet and dry scrubbers
  • SNCR type De-Nox system
  • Rapid quench systems to prevent dioxin reformation
  • Spray drier for ZLD, and De-sulfurization
  • Lime / Caustic scrubbing
  • Cyclone separators and Multi-cyclone design
  • Pulse-jet Bag-filters

Dry Scrubbing System

  • For HCl, Hg and Dioxin control
  • Regent system with lime and carbon dosing
  • Pneumatic conveying of regent
  • Surface adsorption by Pulse Bag-filter

Wet Scrubbing System

  • Venturi scrubber
  • Packed column scrubber
  • Carbon bed scrubber
  • Demister
  • Caustic dosing
  • Recirculation system

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