Rapid urbanization and growing population have resulted in a drastic and uncontrolled growth in waste generation across the globe. In 2016, the global annual waste generation was 2.01 billion tonnes. This is expected to rise to a scarcely believable 3.4 billion tonnes by 2050 – a whopping 70% rise! Hazardous waste constitutes 20% of the total waste generated today and is expected to rise at a similar rate. Allied was one of the first organizations to recognize the importance of treating waste.

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Waste Management

Our Journey


We started our journey in 1970 as a competent, professional and innovative supplier of Industrial Furnaces


In early 80’s we were quick to realize the growing menace of hazardous waste pollution and soon diversified into the incinerator business.

We developed a range of incinerators using in-house design capabilities and since then developed various systems to handle all types of wastes – hazardous, tarry, liquid, solid or gaseous. Today we have installed over 150 incineration systems across India.

Through constant innovation, we have pioneered cutting edge technologies such as:

  • Drum Pyrolyser
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Innovative Heat Recovery Solutions

Our incinerators are designed to be economical, easy to operate and at the same time meet all the norms set by the Pollution Control Boards. We have a team of professional engineers who are trained in all aspects of building incineration systems – from designing to commissioning.


In 2004, we forayed into the field of Common Hazardous Waste Incinerators and have had a successful run in this line as well by setting up numerous facilities across India for a renowned waste management company.

We have supplied our equipment to various industries in both private and public sector. A clear indicator of our performance over the past few decades has been the high number of repeat orders we have received from our clients and the continued cordial business relationship we enjoy with them.

Our Leadership Team

Mr. N. Rajgopal

Founder – Allied Furnaces

A Mechanical Engineer from BITS Pilani, and an expert in heat treatment, started Allied Group Company in 1970s. He soon realised the growing menace of hazardous waste and need for an efficient waste disposal solutions. Using his astute knowledge of combustion technologies, he diversified into the incinerator business and founded Allied Furnaces in 1980s. Since then the company grew under his leadership to become India’s leading manufacturer of incinerators. He continues to be our guiding star and mentor.

Mr. Nateshkumar Mani

Managing Director

An engineer by profession, has over 25 years of technical and commercial experience. He joined Allied in 1999 in sales and has worked up the ladder to lead the company for last 10 years. He has extensive experience in the development and conceptualisation of projects. Today, as MD, Mr. Nateshkumar Mani, handles sales and marketing, admin and operations of AFPL, oversees projects, liaison and the infrastructural needs of the business.

Mr. M. G. Shirol

Director and CFO

A Chartered Accountant and a Cost Accountant by profession with over 30 years’ rich experience in his core domain with well-known organisations in India and the Middle East. His expertise includes restructuring operations to improve bottom lines, ensuring adequate internal controls, conducting feasibility studies, steering cost reduction initiatives, M & A activities and over viewing remote operations, financial activities like WCM, trade financing, treasury, project financing, business valuations, planning for new project etc. Mr. M. G. Shirol is an enterprising leader with a solid record of contributions leading to lowered risk, heightened productivity & enhanced internal controls.

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